Sugar Floss Sweets

Welcome to Montgomery County's first artisanal cotton candy company. As a small family owned business, we are bringing our vision of beautiful and delicious organic cotton candy, spun on-site and garnished with top quality adornments, to life. Our heartfelt desire is to reintroduce this old-fashioned candy with a luxurious and whimsical spin eliciting new memories on an old favorite!

We are the original and premier traveling cotton candy company exclusive to our area. Our fluffy, delicious, organic and all natural products are individually spun and handcrafted on site. Guests are able to select from a variety of flavors that are pleasing to the eye and palate. The aroma our handcrafted floss creates is worthy of mentioning as well. It is truly heavenly. Each flavor engages all of the senses to help provide an experience with every creation. We offer luxe flavor combinations and single flavor offerings. Every sugar floss puff of cotton candy is individually handcrafted and made to order. Please visit our Event Services to see our on-site offerings. Our services are certain to be the highlight of your next corporate event or private party. 

In addition to our on-site event services, we offer products perfect for smaller events and gift giving opportunities. Please visit our Floss Shop to see the variety of options available for your upcoming shindig! We'd love to be a part of your celebration and will work with you to bring your vision to life.